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Aims & Scope

The CPSL is an internationally recognized conference and is aimed at all scientists involved in research in the field of production systems and logistics e.g. factory planning, production management, supply chain management, sustainability, process improvement, digitalization, blockchain etc. The proceedings of the conference are also internationally recognized and used worldwide for the advancement of research in the aforementioned field. Through the high quality peer review process, the conference proceedings are intended to provide researchers worldwide with a reputable and recognized source for their own research, thereby collectively advancing research in the focus area. Considered for publication are all papers that contribute with new findings in the field of production systems and logistics (excluded are redundant and already published contributions).

The management of the proceedings lies with the editors (for further information please see our Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement).

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Proceedings of the Conference on Production Systems and Logistics
ISSN: 2701-6277
The conference proceedings are published annually / every nine month, according to the schedule of the conference

Conference proceedings

CPSL 2023-2 - Proceedings

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Conference proceedings

CPSL 2023-1 - Proceedings

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CPSL 2023-1 - Individual papers
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